Winter in the Tropics

The Annual Partners Winter Vacation, took place this year, in the deep rich green of the Costa Rican Rainforest.

Bridges high in the canopy, and into the wild, ever green as a Christmas Tree, combined with the warmth and fellowship of the team connected all of us, for a lifetime.

Running different offices throughout the country, with the same purpose: Community Connection, and the impact of our clients, the act of getting together in a place outside the norm, lead to relaxed camaraderie, and idea development.

Ziplining through the trees took centerstage, as we explored the wild life. Vacations often are showcase, in heightened sense, our everyday mentality: Do we try new things, or stay on the ground? We at Buena Vista Solutions, and all the partners in the Freedom Organization, take to the skies.

Finishing the day with a mud bath in the natural hot springs, our minds were clear, and ready for the following day of networking, solution finding, and connection.

We leave with renewed faith in each other, our work, our staff, and the opportunities to come.

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