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DARE Car Show


  1. Race cars will not be permitted to participate in the show.
  2. The government entity sponsoring entry of the vehicle must own, have clear title to the vehicle.
  3. The vehicle must be “street legal” and appropriately licensed/registered within the concerned state.
  4. A vehicle “loaned” to agency is not eligible for entry.
  5. All vehicles entered must be donated, seized or purchased by the concerned sponsoring agency.
  6. The name of a company, community group or an individual that donated the vehicle, equipment, or funds may be placed on the vehicle if acknowledged as a “supporter” and not as a sponsor.
  7. Each vehicle must have a current letter of approval from D.A.R.E. America in order to be eligible to participate in the show. (A copy of it must be supplied with registration.)
  8. Vehicles will be outside the exhibit hall.
  9. Vehicles will enter on Monday, June 24th, beginning at 8:00 a.m. and ending at 5:00 p.m.
  10. No vehicle shall have more than 1/4th of a tank of fuel upon entering the exhibit hall. A Phoenix fire marshal will inspect the vehicle before entry into the conference center.
  11. Upon entry into the exhibit hall, vehicle fuel caps will be taped closed by car show staff.
  12. A drip pan shall be placed under each vehicle displayed.
  13. The owner/driver of the vehicle must stay with the vehicle in the exhibit hall until released by car show staff following confirmation of the vehicle’s compliance with show rules.
  14. Any audio, stereo or video equipment used in conjunction with the display of a vehicle must conform to guidelines, provided by car show and convention center staff. Electrical service for audio, stereo or video equipment is not provided by car show organizers or car show staff.
  15. Vehicles will be moved out of the exhibit hall on Thursday, June 27th, beginning at 12:00 noon and ending at 2:00 p.m.


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