Our Chief Barketing Officer

November brought us a visit from our “Chief Barketing Officer,” Brodie!

Brodie is our cheerful, playful, joyful reminder to be grateful, this Thanksgiving season!

Ever the greeter, and happy to meet new people, he walks into the office proud, with his golden heart open, and ready to become friends with every member of the Buena Vista team.

Since the 1970’s America has witnessed a decline in “Social Capital.” Social Capital is the human network: Family ties, social participation, community groups, and economic mobility.

60% of Americans reside in the bottom third of locations on the “Social Capital Index,” further contributing to this loneliness: Lack of community connection, broken families, and frozen economic mobility, lead to a deep isolation, and fear of community, and it our culture’s current plight.

The rise of loneliness, has infected every area of our lives, professional, and personal. And as Brodie greets us, on his visits, we are reminded that removing fear, and approaching others with confidence, is the best ice breaker there is.

Here at Buena Vista Solutions, we pride ourselves on building community connections, hearing the stories from our clients, and customers, and bringing smiles to every part of the Ft. Worth Area.

This Thanksgiving Season we are thankful to Brodie, for keeping our hearts open, and reminding us, how each genuine hello, can truly change the world.

To read more about “Social Capital,” see, : https://medium.com/@michael_hendrix/the-surprising-geography-of-social-capital-in-america-c6cef6bae50b

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