National Bullying Prevention Month

Since 2006, “Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center,” has lead the way, promoting a National Month, to stop bullying. We at Buena Vista Solutions, feel strongly for this issue, and work closely with our partner, “D.A.R.E. America” to stop bullying, nationwide.
10-14% of children bullied, experience the behavior for over 6 months, and 28% of students between grades 6-12, are victims of bullying. Younger students are even more difficult to track, as they are less likely to have the vocabulary, or experience, necessary, to be able to vocalize their experiences.
Studies show teachers largely underestimate the amount of bullying in their schools, most likely due to ever growing classroom size.
And in studies, only half of parents, are aware their own child is being bullied.
The long term effects are devastating: Decreased income over a lifetime, anxiety disorders, and self-destructive behaviors (such as, substance abuse); all of these make sense, however, when noting the prolonged short-term effects: Sleep disturbance, school avoidance, drop in grades, low self-esteem, and shame.
Disney’s “Choose Kindness” campaign, “Unity Day,” and the “National Day to Stomp Out Bullying,” are all part of October’s festivities, to bring light to this issue.
And we at Buena Vista Solutions, are proud to be partnered with D.A.R.E. America, to Stop Bullying. Check your local schools for “Bullying Prevention Month” activities, as a variety of non-profits participate every year!
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