Buena Vista’s 1st annual 4th quarter retreat in Lake Tahoe

Buena Vista Promotions first annual, 4th quarter retreat, was a homecoming for Managing Partner Ben Rivera. Growing up in Reno, Nevada, the Sierra Nevada Mountains were a frequent sight. The jagged peaks, in their rugged beauty, have a way of embracing all those in their shadows; and filling them with a yearning to reach for more.

With ideas of Personal Growth, Discipline, and Advancement. The team took to rounds of golf, at the Edgewood Resort. The mind-body connection, and technique, opening the door to enjoyable challenge, and discussion of future expansion, for the team.
As Ben swings his driver, and sends the ball through the crisp blue sky, he can’t help but think of all he has overcome. Non-profit management training has been some of the toughest lessons he has learned in his 29-year-old life. And here, where the mountains meet the green, and the nearby rustling of the Lake’s waters, touch his open heart. He stands holding the triumph of yesterday, while a new longing to see beyond the horizon, awakens.

The Buena Vista Promotions Team and our clients, are always his first priority. Building relationships in, and out of the office, and connecting with the world around, will always lead to a brighter tomorrow, with Ben himself at the helm.

Buena Vista Promotions returned home to Hurst refreshed, and rejuvenated, ready to take on this year’s 4th quarter, with resolve.

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